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Getting Ready for FUN!


How should I prepare my hair prior to my appointment?

Hair needs to be BRUSHED and KNOT FREE in order to be braided.  

How long Do braidzzz last? 


We generally say braidzzz last from 3-5 days.  Single braid styles last 1-2 days and double braidzzz last longer.  Some people leave them in longer than 5 days!

How do I care for my braidzzz? 


We HIGHLY suggest purchasing a signature scarf to wrap your braidzzz at night while asleep to avoid frizzing.  Our scarves are made of satin.


Can I get the braidzzz wet?  


Yes, you can!  Although when they dry, expect a little frizzies.  Just tame them with gel.


Can I use heat on the hair extensions? 


NO!  No heat products whatsoever, including hair dryers and curling irons.


How can I keep my braidzzz looking fresh? 


You can rub gel in your palms and place on sides of hair and then comb up toward the braid.


Braidzzz Party


Yes you are ;)

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